One Day Ski Trip

Our staff will join you at Tokyo Station where you will board the Shinkansen (bullet train) directly to GALA Yuzawa ski resort where they’ll then help you with any rental needs you have. Perfect for those who don’t have any gear and want all the hassle of a ski trip taken care of.

A Bullet Train Station Connected to the Ski Resort

The ski center connects directly to the bullet train station making this ski resort especially convenient. Easy to get in, and easy to get out.

Change and Go!

Once you’ve geared up you can go straight onto the gondola and go! In the gondola you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the resort and get a look at the 16 run resort.

Fun for Everyone!

This ski resort is set up to handle the needs of the whole family which includes a snow play area where you can make snowmen, and enjoy sledding in a safe area.

Tour Details:

  • GALA Yuzawa One Day Ski Trip on the Bullet Train
  • Tour Dates: Everyday (weekdays only), December to March
  • Minimum Number of People: This tour needs a minimum of 5 people (for 4 people or less extra charges apply)
  • Guide: A Japanese speaking guide will escort you to and from the resort
  • Place of Departure: Tokyo Station (7:00-8:00am)
  • Itinerary: Tokyo Station → GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort → Tokyo Station (seats will be reserved seats on a regular bullet train car. Departure for Tokyo from GALA Yuzawa will be 6:00-7:00pm)
  • All tours are insured

Tour Fee

39800 yen per person (32700 yen per child)

Included in the Tour Fee: Bullet train fare to and from GALA Yuzawa, Japanese speaking guide to and from GALA Yuzawa, ski equipment rental (ski, snowboard etc), lift pass, ski clothing rental (hat, goggles, gloves). Please make sure to bring warm undergarments.

GALA Yuzawa Info

The ski center is connected directly to the bullet train station. There is 1 ropeway, 1 gondola, and 9 lifts. The maximum decline is 33 degrees, and the longest run is 2500 meters. The resort is situated between 358 to 1181 meters above sea level. There is a kids play area, and a family run as well as change rooms, pay lockers and pay showers.

Reservation Conditions

Please make a reservation, and also have a final number of members in your party up until 5 days before the day of your ski trip. Cancelations or reduction of members in your party 10 days before the day of your ski trip will incur a 30% penalty. Cancelations or reduction of members in your party 3 days or less before the day of your ski trip will incur a 100% penalty.